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   PRIVACY STATEMENT takes your privacy seriously. As a result, we are detailing our policies regarding various aspects of that are related to your privacy. What data is collected about individuals? keeps standard IP address logs and monitors various traffic indicators, which includes demographic information. None of the information is linked to any personal information.

A cookie, which is a small file stored on your computer, will be placed on your computer if you have cookies turned on. The cookie makes's ordering system, discussion boards and search facilities work more efficiently. If you do not have cookies enabled, you may still enjoy Cookie information is not linked to any personal information.

What data is collected about golf courses?

Only publicly-available data is used. Data gathered concerning golf courses is collected from scorecards, national databases, phone calls, mailings and surveys. None of the information is ever sold. All of the information is available free to all visitors.

How can corrections be made to the data?

Because golf course data changes frequently, all golf courses have a free login id and password to access their data to maintain it. This includes information regarding tournaments, specials and coupons. Visitors may submit updates to if they feel something on the site is in error. makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of data.

What about web site that link to/from cannot be held liable for information contained on sites that refer to In addition, PAGolfWeb.comcannot be held responsible for information posted to sites linked from has no control over these sites' content.

How you can improve your privacy offers a variety of interactive facilities that can be used effectly without adversely affecting your privacy. However, the misuse of these facilities can minimize your privacy. Misuse of's facilities includes the posting of any personal information to forums, golf course data, comments on golf course pages and e-mails sent to's public forums are for public discussions. If you do not want others to know your name, address, city, etc., do not post that information on the site.

Do's and dont's regarding privacy:

This information is provided as a service and should be used as a referenc when visiting any web site.
  • Never provide your real name, address, city, state, zip, phone or any other personal piece of information unless required by law when making a purchase or registering for a service.
  • Never provide your social security number or phone number unless you are certain it is required by law.
  • Make sure the web site you are placing orders with (via credit card) is using a secure server.
  • Never post any personal information to public forums unless you want the whole world to know about it.
Privacy and Children is a sports-related site, and, as such, draws people of all ages. As a result, requires users to register if they want to use's discussion boards and other web-based services. actively monitors the discussion areas to ensure inappropriate material is not posted. However, PAGolfWeb.comcannot be help responsible for information posted to the site by an individual user. If a user posts personal information about you, notify immediately so that the data can be remove promptly.

Other: does not sell, distribute or disclose any personal or financial information regarding it's advertisers or it's members except under those conditions required by law.

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